ISIL terrorists execute 50 captive Syrian troops in Raqqa

ISIL terrorists execute 50 captive Syrian troops in Raqqa
Sat Jul 26, 2014 13:24:08

Syria-based ISIL terror elements have reportedly executed more than 50 Syrian army troops after taking them captive in an ambush.

The opposition-linked group known as Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the incident occurred in Raqqa Province, northern Syria, during an attack on a military base.

The London-based Syrian opposition organization added that most of the soldiers were summarily executed.

The Takfiri terrorists also released images of captured soldiers being beheaded after the battle for the base.

It added that more than 35 ISIL terrorists were also killed during the fighting for the base.

The Takfiri terrorists and other foreign-backed insurgent groups fighting against the Syrian government have committed numerous mass executions over the past months.

According to some sources, over 160,000 people have been killed in over three years of turmoil in Syria. Millions of Syrians have also been displaced due to the violence.

The Western powers and some of their regional allies- Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey- are supporting the Takfiri terrorists operating inside Syria.


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