Astronaut takes "saddest photo" of Gaza war from space

Astronaut takes
Thu Jul 24, 2014 17:41:32

A German astronaut has managed to capture an image of the Gaza war zone from space while aboard the International Space Station, describing it as his “saddest photo yet.”

Alexander Gerst, a German flight engineer, geophysicist and volcanologist, spread the news with a short tweet on Wednesday, as the ISS was on a flyby over the occupied Palestinian territory. The image went viral, according to an RT report.

One can clearly see the spots in which the yellowish glow of exploding targets is more prominent than elsewhere.

“From the International Space Station we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over Gaza and Israel,” He wrote on his social networking page late Wednesday night.

The ESA astronaut is currently on the 57th day of his mission, together with Russian commander Maksim Surayev and American engineer Reid Wiseman.

The Zionist regime is currently in the midst of an all-out onslaught against the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip – a brutal military campaign that has recently gone into a new phase, with escalating atrocities that include a ground assault pushing the Palestinian death toll to nearly 750.

This is while more than 80 percent of the Palestinian casualties are reported to be civilians.

The Israeli casualties of nearly 50 people are mostly intruding military soldiers and officers.


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