100 killed in Gaza in single day by Zionist forces

100 killed in Gaza in single day by Zionist forces
Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:20:44

The Israeli regime’s military forces have killed at least 100 Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip in a single day, including 66 in just one neighborhood, bringing the 13-day death toll in the impoverished enclave to 437.

On Sunday, 66 bodies were recovered from the Shujaiyya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City, in what medical authorities called a "massacre" and a level of violence not seen before in the ongoing conflict.

At least 500 Palestinians were injured in Israeli attacks on Sunday, with the total surpassing 3,000 as Gaza hospitals struggled to cope with the surge and facing shortages of medical supplies, doctors, and hospital beds.

Hospitals were also facing continuous power cuts, as electricity has fallen by more than 70 percent as a result of Israeli shelling and the siege itself, which even prior to the assault had reduced electricity availability to eight-hour stints.

The assault on Gaza -- which has also left 18 Israelis dead, according to their own official figures -- is the largest and deadliest attack on the besieged coastal enclave since 2008. More than 200 Palestinians have died since the ground invasion began on Thursday.

On Sunday afternoon, Israeli shelling fully resumed after a four-hour humanitarian ceasefire that it violated numerous times, and dozens more had been killed in the Gaza Strip as a result.

Nearly 60,000 Gazans fled their homes on Sunday alone amid the mass killing in the Shujaiyya neighborhood, adding to a total number of displaced that has now hit 135,000.

Sources familiar with the situation argued, however, that there is not a single place safe from Israeli attack in the besieged coastal enclave, as shelling from land and sea as well as air strikes have not left any region untouched.


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