Zionist soldier reportedly taken captive in Gaza

Zionist soldier reportedly taken captive in Gaza
Sun Jul 20, 2014 20:24:46

An intruding Israeli soldier has reportedly been taken captive by Palestinian resistance forces in Gaza, al-Alam’s field correspondent reports.

The Sunday dispatch citing resistance sources, notes however that taking of the Zionist soldier as prisoner has not yet been confirmed by officials of the warring sides.

Meanwhile, the Israeli radio admitted on Sunday that 36 Zionist troops have so far been injured during the regime’s ground incursion into Gaza.

Moreover, fighters from Ezzeddin Qassam Battalions announced on Sunday that it has killed 30 Israeli soldiers within the past 24 hours.

Citing eyewitnesses, al-Alam further reports that Qassam forces have also destroyed an Israeli tank in the Khan Yonous region of the besieged enclave.

Continued Zionist attacks against residential areas of Gaza throughout Sunday has killed at least 50 more Palestinians and injured nearly 300 at the latest count.


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