Scottish extremist recruiter killed in Iraq war

Scottish extremist recruiter killed in Iraq war
Thu Jul 17, 2014 14:03:32

A Scottish extremist who has appeared in an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) recruitment video, urging young Western Muslims to perform their duty of fighting in Iraq and Syria, has been killed.

Twitter accounts associated with ISIL members fighting in the region appeared to indicate that Abdul Raqib has been killed fighting Iraqi government troops in the town of Ramadi.

Abdul Raqib Amin, thought to have been 26 and from Aberdeen, was reported to have been shot dead Tuesday by an Iraqi Army soldier.

Under his nom de guerre, Abul Baraa, he had joined ISIL, an extreme militant group, and pressed others to follow suit.

Abu Dujana al-Muhjahir, a 19-year-old from Portsmouth and another ISIL convert, confirmed Amin’s death in fighting near Ramadi, 75 miles west of Baghdad, via his Twitter account.

Al-Muhjahir wrote: “About 2 months ago I was in Halab (Aleppo) and spent some time with new muhajireen (extremists) who were waiting to begin training.”

The chaos in Iraq makes it impossible to independently verify this news, but a spokesperson for the Foreign Office said it was informed of reports of the decease of a British national in Iraq. “We stand ready to talk to any family who may be affected,” he furthered.

As a child, Amin relocated with his family from Bangladesh to Aberdeen, where they joined a local mosque. Amin’s parents are thought to have owned a takeaway restaurant for years, before returning to their country of birth.

He stayed in the city, co-habiting a flat with a woman relative at the end of a cul-de-sac. From there he went from job to job, including work in a spice shop, as a pizza delivery boy and in a salon, according to The Times.

The Imam of Aberdeen Mosque where Amin used to worship, said Tuesday he had “no idea” about the most recent development.

A spokesman for the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office said: “The UK is deeply concerned by the growth of terrorism in Iraq and Syria, which threatens the people in the entire region and the UK. The UK advises against all travel to Syria and much of Iraq and anyone travelling to these areas is exposing themselves to serious risk.”


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