Gaza death toll rises to 165

Gaza death toll rises to 165
Sun Jul 13, 2014 14:20:09

Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip has announced that 165 Palestinians have been martyred and over 1,000 injured during the six-day attacks by the Israeli regime.

The latest airstrike on Sunday killed Layla Hasan al-Udat in al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said.

Ashraf Zurub, 21, on Sunday died from wounds sustained a day earlier in airstrikes while Husam Ibrahim al-Najjar, 14, was killed in Sunday attacks in northern Gaza.

Earlier, 80-year-old Hijaziyya al-Hilou was killed in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City when an Israeli missile hit the al-Hilou family home. Medics said it was a miracle the rest of the family survived the attack.

Israeli warplanes intensified air raids overnight, targeting Hamas buildings in Gaza City and bombing a Palestinian Authority’s security services base in Rafah.

Three people, including an unidentified child, died Sunday from wounds sustained overnight and days earlier.

Late Saturday, 18 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike on the Tuffah neighborhood that hit a house and mosque, al-Qidra said, making it the single most deadly attack since Israel's assault began.

Another 35 Palestinians were wounded in the same strike, and three more people were killed in southern Gaza's Rafah that also injured five people, Qidra added.

Among the wounded was police chief Taysir al-Batsh, officials said.

A house and mosque were hit as worshipers left Ramadan prayers, locals said.

Israel said in a statement that it has targeted 1,320 sites in Gaza since the assault on Gaza began.

On Sunday, the military distributed leaflets over several locations in northern Gaza warning residents to stay away from Hamas operatives and sites. The Israeli military also sent voice-recorded messages and text-messages to Gazans.


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