Syria's pro-West rebels urge more aid to fight ISIL

Syria's pro-West rebels urge more aid to fight ISIL
Sun Jul 6, 2014 17:56:56

The military chief of Syria's main Western-backed insurgent group has warned that the country risks a "humanitarian disaster" if the US-led allies do not send more aid to help his anti-Damascus armed militants stop the advance of the al-Qaeda-linked Takfiri insurgents, believe to be backed and financed by Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf Arab allies.

Brig. Gen. Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir, commander of the so-called Free Syrian army, said in a statement on Saturday that ISIL terrorist forces are systematically seizing areas held by rival insurgent and terrorist groups in the country that have been trying over the past three years to battle Syrian armed forces in a bid to topple the Damascus government.

His plea comes as fierce infighting among the al-Qaeda-linked Takfiri groups and pro-Western insurgents has overshadowed their battle against Syrian army forces.

Al-Bashir further called on Washington and other Western allies to swiftly send more weapons and ammunition to the rebel force.

ISIL’s Takfiri terrorists have seized swaths of land in northern and western Iraq and are reportedly making advances along the border in Syria as well.

According to recent reports, the infighting among various insurgents and terrorist groups inside Syria have left nearly 7,000 of the armed militants dead over the past several months.


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