Jordan threatens to expel Saddam’s daughter over her ISIL support

Jordan threatens to expel Saddam’s daughter over her ISIL support
Fri Jul 4, 2014 17:15:34

Jordanian government has warned daughter of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain that she could get expelled if she continued commenting over the ISIL assault in her home country.

Following the recent wave of deadly attacks launched by militants from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) in north of Iraq, Saddam’s older daughter, Raghad, expressed joy over Iraqi army collapse against the Takfiri militants.

She said she was happy that her uncle, who is also leader of the Iraqi Baath party, was successful in uniting other groups, including ISIL, for seizing Sunni-dominated areas of Iraq.

Arabic-language al-Mawatin news website wrote in a report that the government in Jordan has told Raghad Husain that she should stop making comments over the issue or she will be expelled.

According to the report, Raghad is not allowed to interview with the media over the Iraqi internal affairs inside the Jordanian soil and she is forbidden to pursue any political or media-related activity inside the country.

Amman has asked Raghad to be committed to the very basic deal with the government that allowed her to reside in Jordan in the first place, the report adds.

Raghad who is said to be one of the financial supporters of the ISIL insurgency in Iraq, leaves in an undisclosed location I Jordan, under the protection of Jordanian royal family.

In 2007 the Interpol circulated an arrest warrant for Raghad over terrorism and other offences.


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