Zarif calls ISIL inhumane, threat to entire region, world

Zarif calls ISIL inhumane, threat to entire region, world
Sat Jun 21, 2014 13:09:05

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has described foreign-backed ISIL terrorists as “an inhumane group” that poses a threat to the entire globe,” Al-Alam reports.

Speaking to Al-Alam’s correspondent in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Friday, Zarif further censure ISIL terrorist group as “threat to the region and the world,” calling on all concerned entities to refrain from making any political investments on terrorist groups.

“We believe the ISIL, as an extremist, Takfiri group, poses a threat to entire region and the whole world and we request all to avoid making any political investments on terrorist groups,” said Iran’s top diplomat.

The Iranian foreign minister also underlined that the government and nation of Iraq is fully capable of confronting the ISIL, which he said was reviled by all religious and ethnic group throughout Iraq.

He went on to emphasized that despite the publicity campaign to identify the terrorist enterprise as a Sunni group, “most of ISIL’s victims in Iraq and Syria are Sunnis.”


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