Two Saudi terrorists detained in Lebanon

Two Saudi terrorists detained in Lebanon
Sat Jun 21, 2014 09:21:45

Lebanese security forces have arrested more than a dozen suspected terrorists in the country, two of whom are Saudi Arabian natives.

In a Friday dispatch, Al-Alam’s correspondent in Lebanon reported that Lebanese forces detained 15 suspected terrorists in the capital Beirut, a number of whom are natives of Arab and non-Arab nations.

According to the report, two of those arrested by Lebanese agents are Saudi citizens.

The report further cites Lebanese security sources as saying that the arrested terror elements were preparing to engage in subversive operations.

Local press reports also indicate that Lebanese forces originally arrested over 100 individuals in massive sting operation on two hotels in Beirut, following up on a tip of a possible terror plot, but most were later released.

The reports further cited Lebanese security sources as saying that out of all those arrested, 17 suspects from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco and Egypt remained in custody.

Those arrested are suspected of plotting to engage in suicide attacks across Lebanon.

"One of the [alleged] suicide bombers is a Saudi," one source said, adding that 15 of the suspects were arrested from the Napoleon hotel in Beirut's Hamra district, while the other two were arrested as a nearby hotel.

The sources said that investigators are examining the documents and computers belonging to the 17 detainees to determine what, if any, connection they have to an alleged terror plot.

"So far, we cannot talk about a terrorist cell at the hotel," one source said.

The development comes as a number of ISIL elements have reportedly vowed to take their terror campaign to Lebanon next.


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