Syria army engage militants in fierce battles, secure Kassab

Syria army engage militants in fierce battles, secure Kassab
Sun Jun 15, 2014 22:16:37

Syrian armed forces have engaged in fierce battle against foreign-backed insurgents in server regions of the country and began stabilizing the liberated town of Kassab after they finally recaptured it from radical insurgents.

A Syrian military source said on Sunday that army units, in collaboration with the national defense forces, restored security and stability to the town of Kassab, in the outskirts of Lattakia City, after eliminating a huge number of insurgents and destroying their weaponry, state news agency SANA reported.

According to the report, army engineering units are engaged in dismantling the mines and the explosive devices planted by the armed terrorist groups that occupied the multi-ethnic town.

The military source further stated that an army unit also restored security and stability to the village of Um Sharshouh and the adjacent farms in Homs countryside after eliminating insurgent staging areas in the village.

In Aleppo meanwhile, government troops destroyed the insurgents’ ammunition depot in the suburban Kafr Hamra area, killing a number of armed militants inside.

A number of insurgent staging areas were also targeted by Syrian troops, who further destroyed their armed vehicles along with loads of ammunition in several areas of Aleppo countryside.

Army units also targeted terrorist staging grounds in several areas in the outskirts of Homs, killing a number of armed terrorists and destroying their weaponry.

SANA further cited a military source as saying that army units eliminated a number of insurgents and injured others in Saida town, surrounding the National Hospital in Tafas in Daraa countryside and destroyed their weaponry.

A number of insurgent vehicles, some equipped with heavy machineguns, were destroyed during army operations in Daraa and its surroundings while a number of armed militants were killed and wounded.

In Idleb meanwhile, army units destroyed an insurgent hideout location in suburban Kafer Battikh neighborhood eliminating a number of terrorists affiliated with the so-called al-Jabha al-Isamiah (Islamic Front) terror group that were holed up inside the hideout place.  A number of vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns were also destroyed during the operation.


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