Syrian troops inflict major blows on armed intruders

Syrian troops inflict major blows on armed intruders
Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:36:26

Syrian armed forces have continued their military operations against foreign-backed insurgents across the country, inflicting major losses on staging grounds of the armed intruders as well as their weaponry.

In Friday operations, army units established full control over the points 714, 767 and 803 on al-Forolluk-Kassab road in Lattakia’s northern countryside, killing scores of insurgent elements stationed in the area, Syria’s state news agency SANA reported.

Government forces further killed and wounded armed intruders during a string of operations against their staging areas in East Ghouta and several other towns in the outlying suburbs of capital Damascus.

Among those killed in the operation, the report says, were Palestinian and Saudi terrorists affiliated to "Liwa al-Islam" and "Saifullah al-Masloul" brigades.

Other Syrian army operations in the same general area targeted insurgent staging grounds and hidden fortifications in Alia farms and Tal Kurdi in Douma, during which many non-Syrian terrorists were killed.

An army engineering unit also neutralized a 5-kilogram explosive device of high explosive C4 material that terrorists had planted in a cooling device in Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque in Hafir al-Fawka town northeast of Saydnaya.

In Aleppo meanwhile, the army units killed and wounded a number of armed intruders, including leaders of terrorist groups and destroyed a repository of improvised explosive devices and ammunition in al-Fardous area.

According to a Syrian military source, units of the army eliminated a number of the armed insurgent commanders in Jub al-Safa.

The source further added that an insurgent attack on Aleppo central prison was thwarted by the government troops.

Meanwhile in Daraa, Syrian forces destroyed a pickup truck with all its militant occupants in the northwest al-Ghezlan farm while heading for al-Yadodeh.

Other units destroyed an insurgent hideout and two vehicles, one of them equipped with a machinegun, along with numerous armed elements inside them in the areas of al-Hadiqa and Deir al-Salt in al-Hrak.

Army units also killed terrorists northeast of Zamrin and in the vicinity of al-Naima northern water tanker, as well as in al-Lajat area and to the north of Um Hawran.

Citing another military source, SANA also reported that army units targeted insurgent hideouts in Kafr Zita village and al-Habeet and Mourek towns in Hama countryside.

The army also ambushed militant staging areas during operations in Tal Shamma, al-Hardaneh, Abu Hubailat and Um Meil towns in Salamiyya countryside, killing a large number of the armed insurgents.

In Homs countryside, Army units destroyed insurgent staging grounds in Oum Sehrij, Rahoum, Salam Gharbi, al-Sultaniye, and Arshoune, Oum Sharshouh, and Ein Hussein, in addition to other gatherings in Teldo, al-Samalil, Burj Qai'I, Talaf, and Tal Dahab in al-Houleh, resulting in the death and injury of several armed elements and the destruction of their military hardware.
Government troops also targeted terrorist hideouts near al-Arbayeen mountain, Maar Tabi'I, Idleb-Harem road, al-Bashiriye, and Bakfaloun in Idleb countryside, injuring a number of armed militants and killing others.


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