ISIL convoy hit in Samarra, 200 vehicles destroyed: Video

Fri Jun 13, 2014 22:47:11

Iraqi troops have managed to launch a massive operation against a large number of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants and destroyed a convoy of at least 200 vehicles belonging to ISIL near city of Samarra, Al-Alam reports.

According to Al-Alam reporter, Iraq's elite counter-terrorism forces backed by artillery launched a massive operation on Friday evening and completely dismissed the armed militants from Samarra.

The city, located nearly 120 kilometers (74 miles) north of Baghdad, is home to the holy shrines of two Shia Imams and a major pilgrimage site visited by tens of millions of Muslims annually despite the tense security situation in the area.

According to report, the Iraqi elite counter-terrorism forces are on their way to Mosul to restore security alongside the road connecting Ninava - Salahaddin provinces.

According to security sources, the control of Salahaddin province has been regained totally by Iraqi security troops.

The heavily armed militants entered the city from several directions earlier on Friday.

Iraq is currently witnessing a wave of violence unprecedented in recent years.

Besides Shiites senior authorities in Najaf, the Sunni muftis are also calling people to join military forces to push the ISIL militants back, Al-Alam reporter added.


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