Syria army takes over control of south Aleppo + video

Sat Jun 7, 2014 23:50:10

Syrian armed forces have begun a new phase of a military operation aimed at encircling the city from the south and separating the southern portion from the Western side in efforts to shut down the supply routes of armed insurgents in the area, Al-Alam’s Syria correspondent reports.

According to the report, Syrian army troops have achieved considerable gains in their operations around the southern outskirts of the key city in north of the country.

During the operation, Army units ambushed insurgent staging grounds in southern suburbs of Aleppo while other army contingents began their advance towards al-Khanat region from the Hadadin village axis.

After gaining control over the al-Khanat, Syrian forces then advanced towards the Najm Castle from the west and took over control of the castle and its surroundings.

In the course of the operation, government troops also discovered and destroyed a number of underground tunnels, logistics, armored vehicles and fuel tankers used by the armed insurgents.

Scores of insurgents, including non-Syrian armed elements, were eliminated during the operation as well.

Al-Alam correspondent further reports that Syrian forces have reached within 10 kilometers of the Aleppo-Damascus international road and expect to take total control of the road way and liberate the entire area of Aleppo’s southern countryside from foreign-backed insurgents.


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