Syria troops target insurgents across nation, kill many

Syria troops target insurgents across nation, kill many
Sun Jun 1, 2014 22:55:09

Syrian armed forces have inflicted new blows on foreign-backed insurgents in different parts of the key Arab country, eliminating a large number of armed intruders and destroying their fortifications and staging centers.

In Damascus Countryside, an army unit discovered and destroyed a 300-meter long tunnel dug out by the insurgents, stretching from the farms of Douma to Harasta beneath the international highway. The tunnel was 10-meter deep and equipped with ventilation and lighting instruments, Syrian state news agency SANA reported Sunday.

According to the report, all the armed militants still remaining inside the tunnel escape were killed by Syrian forces.

Other army units targeted insurgent staging grounds east and north al-Khamara, in Mughair al-Mir in Khan al-Shih, in al-Darkhabieh and Drousheh towns, killing and injuring many of the armed elements.

This is while in the outskirts of Idleb, government troops killed a number of terrorists and injured others in the vicinity of al-Arba'een Mount, Binin, Qmenas, north of al-Kunserawa, at the junction Sarmin-Idleb, Tel Rodko near Harem road. The military equipment of the armed groups were also demolished by Syrian forces.
Another army unit conducted an operation against the insurgents near the villages of Adwan and Hileh in Idleb countryside, killing or wounding numerous terrorist elements and destroying several of their vehicle-mounted heavy machine guns. Syrian soldiers further seized two vehicles loaded with rockets and ammunition.

In Homs, meanwhile, a military source told SANA that units of the Syrian forces targeted armed insurgent gangs in al-Sukkari area to the south of Palmyra and in the villages of Um Sharshouh, al-Farhaniyeh, Housh al-Taleb and al-Shana'niyeh in Talbiseh, killing and injuring a number of the intruders and destroying their war machines.

The development came as intruding terrorist detonated two explosive devices planted on Homs-Salamiyeh road near al-Qunitarat village, killing three civilians and injuring one more.

Also in Daraa, Syrian army units eliminated scores of insurgents and destroyed their weaponry and ammunition in a number of outlying areas.

This is while government troops further targeted terrorist staging grounds in al-Hirak, Atman, Jassem and Nawa in Daraa countryside and destroyed three vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

Moreover in Aleppo, a mortar attack by foreign-backed terrorists on Sunday killed five civilians and injured four others. A source at Aleppo governorate told SANA that the terrorists launched the mortar shells on neighborhoods of al-Jamilya, al-Meridian, Saadallah al-Jabery and surrounding the municipal palace.

Another terrorist mortar attack on al-Mazra'eh neighborhood in Damascus injured a woman.

According to the SANA report, a Police Command source also said a mortar shell landed behind al-Iman Mosque and in front of Exams Directorate in Damascus, wounding a woman and causing material damage to a number of cars.


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