Exclusive footage of breaking Aleppo prison’s siege by Syrian army

Thu May 22, 2014 12:51:13

A long siege on the Aleppo Central Prison imposed by al-Qaeda-linked militant groups has been Brocken by Syrian army special forces.

The Syrian military forces then deployed troops within 200 meters of the prison compound before storming its immediate surroundings.

According to Al-Alam reporter in Aleppo, army units had earlier gained control over the town of Hilan and other areas in the vicinity of the prison before launching the main operation to eradicate the militant groups that had besieged the military compound for over 18 months.

The development came as army troops further carried out several operations on the axis of the industrial city, also near the Aleppo prison, Handarat, Hreitan, Kafar Saghir, Kafar Naha, the vicinity of the Infantry College, al-Kastello, Baidin, Jandoul, Azaz, al-Atareb, Mare', Daret Ezza and Andan, inflicting heavy blows on the foreign-sponsored militants.


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