Russia: Anti-Syria draft resolution “publicity stunt”

Russia: Anti-Syria draft resolution “publicity stunt”
Thu May 22, 2014 07:55:09

Russia says it will veto a French-drafted UN Security Council resolution to refer the Syrian conflict to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

On Wednesday, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin called the French-drafted resolution a “publicity stunt”.

"The fact that the resolution is going to a vote we regard as simply a publicity stunt, which will have a detrimental effect unfortunately on our joint efforts in trying to resolve politically the crisis in Syria," Churkin said.

The UN Security Council is scheduled to vote on the matter on Thursday.

France has been one of the strongest supporters of the multi-national militancy in Syria to topple its government.

Leader of the Syrian opposition met French President Francoise Hollande on Tuesday to get more political and military support.

Russia has already vetoed three anti-Syria resolutions since the outbreak of violence in the Arab country, trying to balance the situation for finding political solutions to the crisis.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said the draft is unacceptable to the Kremlin, and Moscow will not back it.

“The draft resolution that is currently submitted to the Security Council for us is unacceptable and we will not support it. If it is put to a vote, we will veto it.”


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