Syria opposition self-proclaimed defense minister resigns

Syria opposition self-proclaimed defense minister resigns
Mon May 19, 2014 21:37:03

The Syrian opposition’s self-appointed defense minister has resigned after reports of disagreements with the group’s head, opposition sources said on Monday.

Dissident Asaad Mustafa’s resignation from the so-called unofficial government-in-exile highlights divisions among President Bashar al-Assad's opponents.

Mustafa, in his sixties, had been appointed to his self-appointed post in November as part of a plan by the opposition National Coalition to administer rebel-held areas of the war-torn country, according to Reuters news agency.

A rebel source close to Mustafa told Reuters he resigned on Sunday night to protest a lack of funds for his militants from Coalition head Ahmed Jarba.

But a source in the Coalition said Mustafa left after Jarba refused to appoint him as self-appointed provisional prime minister, a post currently held by Ahmed Tumeh.

Jarba will remain head of the Coalition until June, when a new leader will be elected unless his term is extended.


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