Syria FM slams US, French hypocrisy vs. Syria poll

Syria FM slams US, French hypocrisy vs. Syria poll
Sat May 17, 2014 21:26:29

Syria’s Deputy Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs Faisal Mikdad has emphasized that the position adopted by the US and its allies in France and other European states against the nation’s presidential election and government reforms proves the hypocrisy of some Western nations in dealing with democratic principles.

Mikdad’s comments came in an article published Saturday in Lebanese al-Binaa Newspaper in which he added, "Those who conspire against the presidential elections in Syria are conspiring against democracy, political pluralism and the freedom of expression in Syria."

He further reiterated that those who seek to create a political vacuum in the Arab country are working towards demolishing and partitioning Syria and handing the nations over to the terrorists.

The senior Syrian official also slammed the dual standard approach of Western governments with respect to Damascus, pointing out that they serve the interests of the Israeli regime at the expense International principles.

He also blasted the French government for its absurd decision to prevent Syrian nationals residing in France from exercising their right to vote in the upcoming presidential election. 

Mikdad then underlined that French authorities as well as officials of other countries that take a stand against democracy and elections in Syria are in fact asserting their support for “terrorists and killers” who shed Syrian blood with the blessings from “Sheikhs of Muslim brotherhood” as well as authorities in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

He went on to hail the steadfastness of the Syrian government steadfastness in combating terrorist elements and defending the nation’s sovereignty, independence and freedom.


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