'France, Germany to block Syrian expat voting in June 3 election'

'France, Germany to block Syrian expat voting in June 3 election'
Mon May 12, 2014 21:03:11

France and Germany intend to prevent Syrians living in their countries from voting in Syria's presidential election in a bid to disrupt the upcoming elections in Syria, country's Foreign Ministry says.

Germany and France are "preventing Syrians living in their territory from voting", the foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday.

"France... is carrying out a hostile press campaign" against next month's election, the statement added.

"It has officially informed our embassy in Paris of its opposition to the holding of the vote on French territory, including the Syrian embassy."

French foreign ministry spokesman Romain Nadal implicitly confirmed the decision.

Syria’s presidential election has been scheduled for June 3, with expatriate voting to take place on May 28.

The foreign ministry said Germany had "the choir of countries trying to block the presidential elections in Syria."

"Members of this choir should know that Syria is an independent and a sovereign state as its decision stems from the will of its people and in accordance with the provisions of its Constitution and laws" the ministry said.

"It is not surprising that these countries have taken the decision to prevent Syrian citizens living in their territory from exercising their constitutional right to vote in the embassies of their country."

Conducting presidential elections is related to Syrian constitution only, and they are subject to the will of the Syrian people, the ministry added.


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