More Syria insurgents moved to Israeli hospitals

More Syria insurgents moved to Israeli hospitals
Sat May 10, 2014 17:24:48

Another wounded Syria insurgent has been transferred to the Israeli regime’s Ziv Hospital in the occupied city of Safed, joining nine other foreign-backed terrorists already hospitalized at the Israeli hospice.

Citing an Israeli website, Walla, Syrian state news agency SANA reported on Saturday that the Israeli army transferred an injured Syria insurgent to Ziv Hospital on Thursday night.

According to the report, the injured militant was in critical condition after sustaining injuries all over his body, including his spine.

It further added that another wounded Syria insurgent was also admitted to the hospital early Saturday morning.

More than 280 Syria-based insurgents have so far been treated in the Israeli hospital, in addition to another several hundred armed militants who have been getting medical treatment at other Israeli hospitals after suffering wounds at the hands of Syrian military forces.

The admittance of a growing number of Syria insurgents in Israeli medical facilities is a clear indication of the continuing support being offered by the Tel Aviv regime to armed insurgents that are fighting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Earlier press reports have also pointed to efforts by the Israeli regime to extend military and logistical support to the foreign-sponsored insurgents inside Syria.

This is while Syria’s foreign-based opposition coalition has also announced its alliance with the Israeli regime in its objective to bring down the Damascus government, further indicating its reliance on Tel Aviv’s military support.


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