Israeli military ‘broke,’ demands more US aid

Israeli military ‘broke,’ demands more US aid
Sat May 10, 2014 14:53:07

The Israeli regime has announced plans to forego its next military drills due to lack of funds, urging Washington to inject billions more of American tax-payer dollars into the aggressive regime following its failed talks with the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli War Minister Moshe Bogge Ya’alon has long been pushing for increased budgets, but this week he revealed a rather shocking turn of events: The Israeli military has gone broke.

Despite billions of annual military grants it receives from the US, Ya’alon announced that the regimes war-games code named “Turning Point 8,″ which was scheduled to take place next month, will be cancelled and all other forthcoming military drills are expected to experience a similar fate, since the Israeli regime just cannot afford them.

Meanwhile, Ya’alon and other Israeli officials are pressing the US not only to announce an extension of their annual $3 billion in military aid to the country beyond 2017, when the current pledge expires, but to beef it up to something more like $3.5 billion annually for the next decade-long commitment.

US National Security Adviser Susan Rice, visiting the occupied lands of Palestine, played up the $3 billion the US is already giving them as an “investment” that proves their dedication to Tel Aviv.

During a time when the international community and increasing number of nations are disappointed with the Israeli regime’s defiance on demands to stop settlement building in the West Bank and East al-Quds, the US insists on its policy of extending all-out support to the aggressive regime.


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