Details of Homs truce: More than 2,000 will leave Old City

Details of Homs truce: More than 2,000 will leave Old City
Sun May 4, 2014 22:05:08

An agreement reached between Syrian government and opposition in Homs to pull out civilians, fighters, and wounded people has come under effect with efforts by international mediators.

An opposition member told the AFP on Sunday that an agreement occurred between representatives of the rebels and the chiefs of security, and international mediators, for the pullout of militants from the Old City to the northern countryside of Homs.

Based on the recent agreement on Homs, which was the epicenter of the war that has gripped Syria for more than three years, militant forces retreat from the occupied areas and leave them under country’s national army control.

Around 2,250 people, mostly militants, will evacuate the Old City area, which lies in the heart of Syria's third city Homs, according to a version of the agreement obtained by AFP from an opposition source.

Abul Harith said civilians and wounded people will also be evacuated from the battered Old City, much of which has been destroyed by near-daily bombardment and constant fighting.

Militants will withdraw to an area in the north of Homs province, according to the text.

They will be allowed to withdraw with light weapons, and one rocket launcher will be permitted on every bus used for the evacuation.

The Red Crescent, adds the text, will transport the wounded.

The report however has not been confirmed by the Syrian government yet.


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