Iraqi forces foil Samarra suicide bombing amidst pilgrims

Iraqi forces foil Samarra suicide bombing amidst pilgrims
Sat May 3, 2014 22:08:08

Iraqi security forces in the holy city of Samarra have thwarted an attempt by a suicide bomber to detonate a car bomb in the midst of pilgrims and worshipers near the shrine of 10th Shia apostle, Imam Hadi an-Naqi (PBUH), killing the terrorist.

Local Iraqi daily, Al Sumaria News, reported Saturday that security forces in the Salahuddin province, north of the capital Baghdad shot and killed a suicide bomber just before his attempt to set off the explosives in the vehicle he was driving in the southern part of Samarra city amidst a crowd of pilgrims near the shrine that bears the tomb of revered Shia Imam and great grandson of Islam’s prophet.

The bomb-laden vehicle was later detonated in a safe area without causing any damages, the report added.

Meanwhile, a Samarra security forces commander stated on Saturday that more than a million pilgrims from across Iraq had converged on the holy city to pay their respect to the revered Imam on the anniversary of his martyrdom.

He further expressed satisfaction over the success of security measures enforced in the city for the protection of mass crowds of visiting pilgrims.

The development comes as Takfiri and al-Qaeda-linked terrorist continue engaging in terror bombings across Iraq in a bid to further destabilize the country.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has repeatedly blamed Saudi Arabia for financing and supporting the terrorist campaign across the Arab nation.


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