Russia MPs set to close NATO office in Moscow: Daily

Russia MPs set to close NATO office in Moscow: Daily
Mon Apr 28, 2014 18:25:47

Following NATO recent decision to suspend it all-out military cooperation with Moscow over Ukraine tension, Russian lawmakers set to review closure of NATO office in Moscow, a Russian daily reported.

Russian lawmakers question whether it is reasonable for the NATO information office to continue to operate in Moscow taking into account that on April 1st, the NATO members’ foreign ministers decided to suspend all practical civilian and military cooperation with Moscow, Kommersant newspaper reports.

A source in the Russian ministry of defense also confirmed the information. However, sources close to the administration of the Russian president pointed out that the decision has not been made yet.

"That's a sound counter measure since it's impossible to find common ground with NATO under current conditions," said the source.

Russian lawmakers also consider closing NATO information office in the Russian capital due to the restricted access of Russia's Permanent Mission to NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

NATO sources told Kommersant that they have not received any notification that their information office might be closed.
However, previously, NATO received notification only 24 hours prior to closing in 1999 during the alliance bombing of Yugoslavia.


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