Israeli forces abduct Lebanese teens, women in Shebaa

Israeli forces abduct Lebanese teens, women in Shebaa
Thu Apr 17, 2014 17:18:57

Israeli forces have abducted five Lebanese, two young boys and three women, from the Shebaa Farms, south Lebanon.

Ismail Zahra and his brother, Hassan, along with three women were working on the Bastara farm when they were kidnapped, a military source was quoted by the Lebanese Daily Star newspaper.

Minutes later, the women were freed.

The two Zahra siblings are minors under 18, the source added.

UN Interim Force in Lebanon as well as the Lebanese Army have launched an investigation into the incident and listened to the testimony of several witnesses and the three women.

Upon the request of the Lebanese military, UNIFIL contacted the Israeli side, seeking to return the two boys.

The Lebanese Army confirmed the abduction, saying that an Israeli military unit crossed the Blue at 11:40 a.m. and abducted the two brothers along with the three women identified as Nuhad Ali Awad, Wafaa Ali Mussa, and Woroud Hussein Zahra.

In a statement, the military also said it was coordinating with UNIFIL in order to free the two boys.


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