Iran equips speed boats with anti-warship missiles

Iran equips speed boats with anti-warship missiles
Tue Apr 8, 2014 07:33:17

Speed boats of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have been equipped with domestically-built long-range Qader cruise missiles, a senior IRGC commander says.

Lieutenant Commander of the IRGC Navy General Alireza Tangsiri told Fars News Agency on Monday the missiles will enable the naval forces to target enemy ships in a range of 200 km.

He further said the IRGC also equipped its Mil Mi-17 helicopters with 150-km range missiles.

Arming Iranian ships, aircraft and choppers with 200-km range Qader cruise missiles will boost the Iranian Armed Forces’ power to combat and repel naval threats, military analysts say.

Iran unveiled its 200-km range Qader anti-ship cruise missile in 2011.

The powerful missile is under mass production at the Iranian defense industries.

The missile enjoys automatic digital pilot system, high-precision navigation systems, high-precision striking capability, anti-jamming radar systems and a rapid deployment capability.