Syrian troops inflict more losses on militant intruders

Syrian troops inflict more losses on militant intruders
Tue Apr 1, 2014 18:53:22

Syrian forces have continued military operations against foreign-backed insurgents across the war-ravaged country, attacking numerous staging areas, weapon manufacturing plants and hideouts and inflicting heavy losses on their forces and war machines.

During the operations throughout Tuesday, Army units discovered and seized an explosive-making plant in al-Hosen village in the outskirts of Homs. The factory contained massive number of IEDs prepared for detonation as well as a large quantity of other explosives and equipment for manufacturing them, state news agency SANA reported.

Also in suburban Homs, Syrian troops targeted militant staging areas in the villages of Onoq al-Hawa, Abu Hawadid and Jeb al-Jarrah, killing many terrorists and destroying three pickups trucks equipped with machineguns, the report said, citing a military source.

Insurgent groups also incurred heavy losses in the central province when their staging centers came under attack by army unites in the villages of al-Ghassebiyeh and al-Dar al-Kabira.

In Aleppo countryside, meanwhile, 22 militants were killed and dozens more wounded when an army unit staged an attack on their gathering in Daret Ezza area, according to a military source, who added that all of the killed or injured insurgents were non-Syrian natives.

Syrian forces further foiled an infiltration attempt into the Barrakat al-Arman area of Aleppo, killing many insurgent elements and injuring others.

In Daraa province, meanwhile, an insurgent car bomb prematurely went off as an armed terrorist group was preparing it in Tsil town in the outskirts of Daraa, killing a number of them.

Government troops also targeted a staging area of a terrorist group in the suburban Idleb town of Harrah, killing dozens of the forces and injuring a number of others.

During the operation Syrian soldiers further destroyed two vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns and four other vehicles carrying insurgent elements.

In the same general area, another army unit targeted other militant staging centers in al-Ghafer village in Idleb countryside, eliminating numerous insurgents and destroying four of the heavy machine guns.

Moreover in Lattakia, Syrian army units attacked militant staging centers in  al-Kouz and al-Naser mountains in the northern outskirts of the city, inflicting heavy casualties on the insurgent elements as well as destroying their weaponry and other military hardware.


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