Recent poll pictures US as overwhelming world threat

Recent poll pictures US as overwhelming world threat
Mon Mar 31, 2014 22:41:17

The US is deemed as the biggest threat to the world by a whole of 24 percent people around the globe, a poll by the reputed Gallup International suggests.

However, those lands that the West calls "focal points of evil and threat" have hardly scored less than ten percent votes, with Russia coming the very last in the rating.

The poll was carried out in late 2013 as a part of the global research "Global Barometer on Hope and Despair", with 70,000 respondents from 65 countries taking part. Every participant could name just one country either in the on-line vote, speaking to an interviewer personally, or, alternatively, by phone.

Almost in all global macroregions US tops the list of the most threatening lands. Among all the nations Russians are most inclined to see the US like that, namely 54 percent of those polled. In Asia the average estimate of America reaches 25 percent, in Middle East - 33percent, in Pakistan – 44 percent, while the second highest disapproval rate is in China, making up 49 percent.

The survey coordinators point out that the ultimate results clearly show that we are now living in a multi-polar world. Every region has its own "threat locus." Africans are thus most concerned about Somalia, whereas Israel is worrisome for other Middle East states.

Russia trails well behind all the rest of the "most threatening" countries, accounting for just two percent of votes on average. In the US and western Europe the percentage is a bit higher – about three percent and five percent respectively.

Interestingly, the countries so much demonized in the West have got the lowest rating in terms of danger they pose. Just to name a few, Pakistan scores eight percent of votes, likewise Afghanistan and North Korea are seen as a trouble by five percent.


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