Ukrainian Parliament besieged by angry rightists

Ukrainian Parliament besieged by angry rightists
Sat Mar 29, 2014 18:37:11

Hundreds of angry Right Sector activists besieged Ukrainian Parliament, demanding lawmakers to sack the interior minister.

Protesters picketing the Parliament for a second day tried to force their way into Kiev’s Rada to stop a vote on austerity measures.

The turmoil comes just a month after street protests ousted President Viktor Yanukovich.

The worst action against the authorities is staged by the Right Sector, an umbrella organization of radical activists, who played the key part in the February bloody stand-off. At least a thousand of the activists are standing guard around the Verkhovna Rada building on Friday demanding that legislators vote on dismissing the freshly-appointed interior minister.

The protesters accuse Arsen Avakov of ordering what they call a political assassination of one of their leaders, Aleksandr Muzychko. The notorious Right Sector brute, who made media waves in Ukraine thanks to videos of him bullying officials and threatening to hang Avakov, was gunned down in a police raid aimed at arresting him.

Right Sector vowed revenge for their comrade’s death and for a second day are attempting to pressure Ukrainian lawmakers into sacking Avakov.

A draft bill to that effect has been filed with the parliament on Friday by an independent MP, a move which may have stopped a planned siege of the building by the radicals.

The legislators do not appear to be happy with the protest rally at their doorstep. Speaker Aleksandr Turchinov, who was also appointed acting president of Ukraine, branded the Right Sector’s actions a provocation.

“The Ukrainian parliament is the foundation of the legitimate Ukrainian power. Without this foundation there would be no power at all,” he said.

“There is an attempt to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, it its center, in its heart, in Kiev,” Turchinov added, further alleging that the Right Sector activist may be agent provocateurs hired by Russia. He didn’t explain how exactly Moscow, which put Right Sector leader on the international wanted list, can give orders to the fiercely nationalistic organization.

Amid the confrontation an unconfirmed report claimed that the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are debating whether they should issue sanctions against the Right Sector or completely outlaw it.



Ukrainian Parliament besieged by angry rightistsUkrainian Parliament besieged by angry rightistsUkrainian Parliament besieged by angry rightists
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