Syrian forces continue advances against insurgents

Syrian forces continue advances against insurgents
Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:51:23

Syrian forces have continued their military operations against infiltration attempts by foreign-backed insurgents across the country killing and injuring scores of armed militants and seizing their weaponry.

During operations throughout Friday, army units targeted members of an armed insurgent group in al-Sa’en area in the eastern countryside of Hama, killing or wounding the entire contingent of the militants.

Army troops made further advances in the town of al-Mishirfi near Yabroud, destroying insurgent hideouts and eliminating numerous armed militants as well as a vehicle equipped with rocket launcher, according to a report by state news agency SANA, which added that most of the insurgents killed during the operation were non-Syrian natives.

The army also destroyed a vehicle equipped with heavy machinegun and a huge amount of weaponry and munitions in eastern al-Zabadani and killed a number of insurgent elements, among them a Lebanese national.

In the industrial city of Adra, meanwhile, Syrian troops followed up on earlier operations against armed militants in an around the city, killing or injuring a number of the insurgents affiliated with the so-called ‘Islamic Front’ terrorist group and destroying a vehicle loaded with weapons and ammunition.

Army units also killed and injured many more insurgents in the areas of al-Shifonyyeh, Alya Farms and El’ab in Douma.

Meanwhile, a military source cited in a SANA report stated that army units targeted insurgents’ staging areas in Solas village, Bab al-Amaniyeh, the area surrounding Point 45, Kassab and near al-Samra village, inflicting heavy blows on the foreign-sponsored militants.

Also on Friday, an army unit destroyed several vehicles equipped with machineguns and carrying insurgent elements, killing a number of militant leaders in the villages of Jamra, al-Rabisheh al-Zabira in al-Lajat area in Daraa countryside.

Moreover, a military source told SANA that army units inflicted heavy loses on an armed militant group southeast al-Wardat village as they tried to infiltrate towards the village of Mahjeh in Daraa countryside, destroying their armaments.

The source further added that other army units attacked armed insurgents and their hideouts in the eastern Karak town and Soor in Daraa countryside, killing and wounding many of the militants, some of whom were linked to al-Nusra Front terrorist group. Syrian forces also destroyed all the weaponry and ammunition in their possession.

Another military was cited by SANA as saying that army units thwarted a militant group's infiltration attempt to one of the military checkpoints in al-Dar al-Kabira in Homs countryside, leaving its members dead and injured.

The source added that the army units stormed staging areas of armed militants in the villages of al-Khaldiyeh, al-Ghasbiyeh, al-Dweir al-Shamali in al-Daar al-Kabira area, killing and injuring scores of insurgents and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

According to the source, Syrian forces also foiled attempts by insurgents to infiltrate the safe areas in al-Aazamiyeh neighborhood in Aleppo, killing and injuring many of them.

Other army units in the area destroyed a convoy of cars carrying weapons and ammunition on Hreitan-Kfar Hamra road in Aleppo suburbs.

The source added that the army units stormed militant staging centers in the  towns and villages of Jadideh, Arbid, Rasm al-Aboud, the area surrounding the central prison, the industrial city, al-Mislmiyeh, al-Layramoun, al-Mnsoura, Handarat, al-Kastelo, Ein Jara, Deir Hafer, Beideen, Kfar Hamra and Maret al-Artiq, eliminating scores of insurgent elements, in addition to destroying their equipment.


A military source said that the army killed terrorists who tried to attack al-Fu’a village in Idleb countryside and destroyed a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns, adding that among the killed terrorists were Chechens and Saudis.

In the southern countryside of Quneitra, according to military sources, a SUV vehicle carrying 20 militants and weapons was destroyed, and all its occupants killed in al-Dwaia al-Soughra, in Quneitra.

The military source further stated that the army eliminated all members of an armed insurgent group that tried to attack a Syrian army post from al-Hejja village in Quneitra southern countryside.

Up to 60 armed militants have been killed and large numbers wounded in the area, most of whom were admitted to Israeli hospitals.


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