Afghan women cuts another woman’s nose off her face

Afghan women cuts another woman’s nose off her face
Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:24:40

A woman in Afghanistan’s central province of Daykundi has attacked and sliced her husband’s second wife’s nose off her face after beating her harshly.

The victim, reported as named Tahere in Afghan media, has been taken to hospital after the brutal attack which has left her traumatized.

Tahere says her husband’s first wife used to beat her up often, but this time, accompanied with her daughter, she attacked with a knife and cut off her nose.

“I shouted for help, but no one could hear me. I called for neighbors’’ help, they couldn’t hear me either.... please help me, I want justice, punish this woman,” Tahere said.

Abudhar, Tahere’s husband, says he was at work at the time of the attack and claims there has never been any problem between his wives; Tahere on the contrary says she was always attacked and beaten up by the first wife, and Abudhar was aware of the fact that Tahere was having a hard time living at the same house with her.

Human rights activists have warned of unprecedented levels of violence against women across Afghanistan.

Chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), Sima Samar, said in December that the pace and the hideousness of attacks on women intensified in 2013 with a 25 per cent surge.

"The brutality of the cases is really bad. Cutting the nose, lips and ears. Committing public rape," Samar said. "Mass rape... It's against dignity, against humanity."


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