Topple SNC head Ahmad Jarba: Syrian activists demand

Topple SNC head Ahmad Jarba: Syrian activists demand
Fri Mar 21, 2014 09:36:22

Activists have called for nationwide demonstrations against the head of the so-called Syrian National Coalition, Ahmad Jarba, as a strong “message” to signal disappointment with the opposition-in-exile’s catalog of political failures.

Some observers attribute the divisive move to the struggle between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which backs Jarba.

The Facebook page of the Syrian Revolution 2011, which selects the slogan for the weekly protests, called for “Friday of Toppling the Head of the Coalition.”

“The name of this Friday ... is a message to the head of the National Coalition, in his professional and not personal capacity, along with all of the politicians in the coalition and other organizations,” the activists said.

“This Friday reminds us of the principle of accountability, as a fundamental principle of our revolution. All politicians and activists should periodically review [their performance],” it added.

Jarba and the coalition have come in for increasing criticism in recent days – last weekend saw the fall of the rebel-held town of Yabroud to government forces and Hezbollah fighters, with many blaming the opposition for failing to send enough material support to the terrorist groups.

And while many rebel groups on the ground have repeated their pleas for immediate assistance, coalition figures have also been locked in a struggle to reorganize the rebel Free Syrian Army by removing its leader Gen. Salim Idriss.

Idriss and other rebel commanders have rejected his ouster.

The campaign against Jarba was initiated by activists establishing several Facebook pages to gauge support for the call, and enthusiasm quickly spread.

Getting an early jump on the weekly Friday protests, people photographed themselves holding placards with the slogan, from inside and outside Syria.


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