Radicals call the tune in Ukraine: Lavrov

Radicals call the tune in Ukraine: Lavrov
Sat Mar 8, 2014 20:12:29

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has emphasized that Ukraine’s interim government is under the influence of the radical nationalists.

“The so-called interim government is not self-sufficient, and, to great regret, depends upon radical nationalists, who carried out the military coup,” Lavrov told journalists on Saturday.

The Right Sector movement, consisting of several far-right groups, was very active in the violence leading to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovich. After the February-21 agreement between Yanukovich and opposition leaders was signed, the Right Sector declared they did not recognize it and would continue the armed struggle.

At Saturday’s press conference, Lavrov gave an example of how exactly the Right Sector is influencing the current decision-making in Kiev.

“The new government’s officials asked this Right Sector to approve their choice of ministers and now the Right Sector is dissatisfied. Its leaders say the reloading of the government system in Ukraine has not been completed. They demand each of the ministers go to the Maidan protesters and report on how well they implement the demands of the protest leaders.”

Lavrov said the group, which allegedly demanded access to the country's arsenals, had the security situation in Kiev under its control. The capital of Ukraine has not been safe since ousted President Viktor Yanukovich removed all the police from the streets in compliance with the February-21 agreement.

"Actually there’s no state control over public order and the so-called Right Sector calls the tune, the group that has resorted to terror and intimidation.”

Lavrov believes the West is well aware of the role the nationalist group is playing in post-coup Ukraine.

“Our western partners, it seems to me, are quite well informed of what they [the radicals] represent, because they are frequent quests there [in Kiev] and among themselves they are sharing extremely alarming impressions. But I guess for political reasons, they try to conceal the facts in public.”


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