Ron Paul: US can’t resist not meddling in Ukraine

Ron Paul: US can’t resist not meddling in Ukraine
Thu Mar 6, 2014 20:34:36

US Republican lawmaker Ron Paul says the United States should stay away from the Ukraine’s internal affairs and let the Ukrainians decide about their country.

Paul  who is also a physician and author who served as the US Representative for Texas and retired from Congress last year after more than a quarter-century, believes that there’s “no sense” in getting involved in standoff over the crisis-hit nation.

“I don’t think we have any business there,” Paul told RT from his office in Texas this week.

“I think it would be nice if we considered the Ukrainians. It’s their civil strike, their civil war, and deciding who to run that country should be left to them,” Paul said.

“Unfortunately, others get involved and it seems like it’s irresistible for the US to be involved.”

“We certainly don’t want to send troops in right now,” he said, adding that trying to help the new pro-Western Ukrainian officials by any financial aid would be impossible.

“We are out of money,” he said, “so this idea that we are going to start bailing out Ukraine is total nonsense.”

The administration of President Barack Obama has announced plans for providing Ukraine with an aid package of $1 billion as tensions continue to rise between Russia and the US over the crisis in the country.

The White House says it will work with Congress to provide the money to Ukraine’s new government following the ouster of the country’s pro-Russian President, Viktor Yanukovych. Congress has said it will begin working on the aid package next week.

“I don’t see how we could afford that, nor should we do it,” Paul said. “The whole thing makes no sense whatsoever from an economic viewpoint [or] from a political viewpoint. It’s always vying for control, and I think that’s what is going on.”


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