Israel allows force-feeding Palestinian hunger strikers

Israel allows force-feeding Palestinian hunger strikers
Mon Mar 3, 2014 14:26:07

Israel is going to follow Guantanamo Bay’s controversial practice of force-feeding prisoners to stop Palestinian inmates from continuing their hunger strikes in its jails.

A bill introduced by the regime authorities on Sunday, will allow the force-feeding of the hunger strikers against their will if it becomes law, Israel’s daily Haaretz reported.

The bill introduces two methods of force-feeding, namely the intravenous method, if the prisoner is not able to swallow, and the use of a feeding tube.

Israeli Medical Association (IMA) chairman Leonid Eidelman said that the association is against the bill.

“We… made our position clear, and it’s the same as the World Medical Association’s. Force feeding must be forbidden, as it’s a form of torture and humiliation. We oppose it by all means,” Eidelman said.

The bill is expected to be put on a vote during a next parliament session.
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails often go on hunger strikes to protest their detention without trial.
They have been subject to human rights violations, such as the use of torture during interrogation by prison authorities.
More than 4,500 Palestinian prisoners are held in Israeli prisons, many of them without charge or trial.

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