Syrian army continues battle in Aleppo, Homs

Syrian army continues battle in Aleppo, Homs
Mon Mar 3, 2014 07:51:03

The Syrian army is moving forward steadily in Aleppo and Homs, against foreign-backed militants operating in the country.

Syrian media reported on Sunday that the country’s armed forces have killed a number of militants from the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front in Rastan city in the province of Homs.

National army troops managed to destroy militants’ hideouts near two other cities in the western province and killed several militants in the provincial capital, Homs.

Scores of militants were also killed in clashes with the army in the northern province of Aleppo.

The foreign-backed militants lost an anti-aircraft machine gun and a number of vehicles in other areas of the province.

The Syrian army has escalated its mop-up operations against militant groups across the country.

On Saturday, Syrian state television said the army has launched an operation in the strategic region of Qalamoun to clear the area of al-Qaeda-linked militants.

The army managed to take control of two strategic hills near the town of Yabrud which has been under control of the militants over the past months. It is the last major town in Qalamoun that the Syrian army is fighting to retake.


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