Israel deploys ‘wartime division’ to occupied Golan Heights

Israel deploys ‘wartime division’ to occupied Golan Heights
Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:07:48

The Israeli military has deployed a new division to the occupied Golan Heights near the border with Syria.

The 210th Regional Bashan Division replaced the 36th Armor Division and the Har Dov sector, which have been stationed on the occupied Golan Heights for 40 years, Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post reported.

The 36th Armor Division will become "an all-purpose wartime division, designed to be sent to any combat arena, such as Lebanon or Gaza, to support other divisions," while the 210th Regional Bashan Division, with its "enhanced capabilities" backed by air defense systems and intelligence operations, will also have the ability "to carry out a ground maneuver in enemy territory."

The deployment, dubbed "historic" has been planned months in advanced, spurred by the volatile events across the border in Syria particularly in terms of fears that "there is no Syrian state sovereignty in areas bordering the southern Golan Heights, and global jihadi forces are expected to get stronger in such areas," the Jerusalem Post said, citing Israeli intelligence assessments.

Furthermore, the Jerusalem Post report noted that the 210th Division will be assisted by "a recently created Combat Intelligence Collection battalion, active along the Syrian border, and by a new security fence complete with electro-optical surveillance means and radars."

The 210th Division will also have the ability to conduct military operations without seeking higher approval.


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