Syria rebels block aid access in Aleppo for the sixth day

Syria rebels block aid access in Aleppo for the sixth day
Sun Feb 23, 2014 21:27:46

Syria rebels are denying international humanitarian aid convoys to reach besieged towns and villages in Aleppo for the sixth consecutive day, a Syrian official has said.

The governor of Aleppo, Mohammad Wahid Akkad, warned of a “humanitarian disaster” at the Aleppo prison if terrorist groups continue derailing the Red Crescent’s efforts to transfer aid packages to inmates.

According to the official SANA news agency the governor said the health condition of prison inmates is severely deteriorating due to lack of food and basic supplies.

People in militant-held areas are suffering from shortage of basic supplies, especially food and medicine, with the militant groups attacking aid convoys and blocking their access.

On Saturday the UN Security Council adopted a unanimous but non-binding resolution, calling for humanitarian aid convoys to be allowed access across war-torn Syria.

Speaking on the resolution, UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said, "Some 45,000 people are under siege in opposition-controlled areas."

Aleppo remains a key point of concern for the Syrian government, as it is considered to be one of the main bases for Saudi-backed takfiri groups.

Army improvements have been slow with the militant groups using people as human shields.


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