Pro-Hezbollah song angers Syrian opposition

Pro-Hezbollah song angers Syrian opposition
Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:10:59

A song saluting Hezbollah’s campaign against foreign-backed militants in the Qalamoun region of Syria has outraged members of the Syrian opposition.

Ali Barakat, a singer of religious anthems, posted the video on YouTube Thursday.

The video has received more than 40,000 views and several other YouTube postings of the song have also appeared, meaning an even higher viewership.

The nearly six-minute-long anthem “Ihsam Nasrak bi Yabroud,” addressed to the party and its supporters, can be loosely translated as “Achieve your decisive victory in Yabroud.”

The song’s lyrics, which salute Hezbollah’s role in earlier campaigns against the towns of Nabk and Qusair, and label the Syrian militants as “Takfiri” extremists, enraged opposition supporters.

The video that accompanies the song features a map of the area, with the yellow Hezbollah flag planted in and fluttering over Yabroud.

It also contains shots of the party’s fighters conducting mock battles, mixed with actual footage of military operations, presumably from the resistance movement’s earlier exploits in Syria.


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