Car bombs near Baghdad's Green Zone kill 25

Car bombs near Baghdad's Green Zone kill 25
Wed Feb 5, 2014 12:12:18

A series of blasts have hit near Baghdad's heavily-fortified "Green Zone", home to the prime minister's office and several Western embassies, killing at least 25 people, security sources say.

The early Wednesday blasts came a day after two rockets were fired into the Green Zone.

Police officials say the deadliest of Wednesday's blasts took place outside the Foreign Ministry building where two parked car bombs went off simultaneously. Those explosions killed at least seven and wounded 15.

Nearby, a suicide bomber walked into a falafel restaurant where he set off his explosives-laden belt, killing five and wounding 12.

And a parked car bomb went off in Khilani Square in the city's commercial center, killing four people and wounding eight.

Medical officials confirmed the causality figures. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to talk to media.

The foreign-backed insurgency in Syria had spillover effects in neighboring countries, including Lebanon and Iraq.

In addition to infiltration attempts by militant groups, Iraq is also witnessing bombings and shooting attacks on an almost regular basis. The Baghdad government has blames Saudi-linked al-Qaeda terrorists for the carnage.

Iraq has suffered terrorist attacks after the US-led invasion since 2003. Iraqi people blame foreign powers for the unrest in recent years.


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