2 killed in Moscow school shooting

2 killed in Moscow school shooting
Mon Feb 3, 2014 12:59:21

Moscow police confirms a policeman and a teacher were killed as a man with a rifle took children hostages at a city school.

The gunman, who is reported to be father of a high-school student, was neutralized, according to Russian Police.

The gunman entered the school in North east of Moscow, threatening the school’s security guard with a rifle, and then made his way to the biology room.

The security guard managed to call the police, and when the squad came, the gunman fired at the policemen, killing one of them and wounding another.

The gunman took hostage 29 teenagers aged 15 in the school’s biology classroom, releasing most of them soon afterwards, according to police.
Other pupils and have been evacuated from the school.

So far, the gunman has made no demands.

Lifenews TV channel has reported that the phone connection with the school has been lost, and that shocked parents are gathering outside the school.

All Russian schools have an armed security guard, according to a law passed in the wake of the 2004 terrorist attack on a school Beslan, North Ossetia.


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