Israeli forces wipe Palestinian village off the ground

Israeli forces wipe Palestinian village off the ground
Thu Jan 30, 2014 16:35:07

An entire Palestinian village has been totally destroyed by Israeli forces in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank.

According to reports, the demolition took place in the village of Khirbat Jamal early on Thursday.

Over a dozen families living in the area have been displaced after Israeli bulldozers destroyed their homes.

The Israeli military is preventing human rights activists from visiting the area and helping the villagers.

Demolitions are commonplace in the Jordan Valley as the Tel Aviv regime continues with its policy of settlement expansion in the area. Over 90 percent of the Jordan Valley is under full Israeli military control.

On January 9, Israeli military forces backed by bulldozers entered the village of Khirbet Ein Karzaliyah and destroyed the entire village, leaving over two dozen locals homeless.

In October last year, Israeli bulldozers backed by military jeeps entered the village of Makhool north of the Jordan Valley and destroyed the village.

Israel has already been under fire for demolishing Palestinian homes. Israeli authorities claim they destroy houses which have been built without permission.

Rights activists, however, reject the claims, saying the demolitions are part of an ethnic cleansing campaign against Palestinians.


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