Glass cage for Morsi in court to shut his shouting

Glass cage for Morsi in court to shut his shouting
Tue Jan 21, 2014 22:22:21

Egyptian security authorities are considering having their ousted president Mohamed Morsi in a glass cage during his trial, in order to stop him from shouting and violating the court order, a new report says.

The Arabic language al-Sumeriya News has quoted sources close to Egyptian court authorities that the decision is being considered because during his first trial Morsi and other defendants started shouting and now they want them silent so that order of the court is preserved.

In his first trial which was held in November 2013, Morsi started shouting out that he was the legitimate President who had been removed by an unlawful coup.

As soon as other defendants entered, Morsi began to shout: "Down with the military government! Egypt is a country and not a military base!"

Morsi embraced other defendants several times and flashed a four-fingered pro-Brotherhood sign that has become the symbol of resistance in Egypt since July.

The judge tried to impose order, but Morsi said: "I'm Mohammed Morsi, the president of Egypt!"

Other defendants also began denouncing the court, forcing the judge to briefly suspend proceedings.

On February 16th Morsi is going to face new charges of conspiring with foreign groups to carry out terrorist attacks in Egypt.


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