Turkish police use harsh tactics to disperse protestors

Turkish police use harsh tactics to disperse protestors
Sun Jan 19, 2014 09:47:37

Turkish people have poured into streets of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir to show their anger at the government’s decisions on internet restrictions, facing water cannon and tear gas by police forces.

On Saturday, Turkish police forces fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in Istanbul's central Taksim Square demonstrating mainly against a government bill that would increase controls over the Internet.

During the Saturday clashes, protesters escaped into side streets after police used water cannon and tear gas. Shops have also rolled down their shutters.

Smaller demonstrations also took place in the coastal city of Izmir and in the capital Ankara, where about 300 protesters chanted slogans opposing the government and the internet bill.

The bill would give the courts the power to rule on removing material from the internet that "violates individual rights", an article that opponents say is murky and could lead to the arbitrary closure of websites.

It also says that people will be able to apply to the state Telecommunications Directorate (TIB) as well as the courts to block material that "violates the secrecy of private life".


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