IRGC trained Hezbollah’s al-Lakkis: Iran Defense Minister

IRGC trained Hezbollah’s al-Lakkis: Iran Defense Minister
Wed Jan 8, 2014 21:56:05

The first nucleus of resistance in Lebanon had been formed by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah’s martyr Hassan al-Lakkis had been trained by the force, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says.

Addressing a gathering to commemorate the late commander of IRGC’s Ground Force Major General Ahmad Kazemi and late Hezbollah commander Hassan al-Lakkis in Tehran on Wednesday, General Dehqan said that the IRGC had trained al-Lakkis and the late secretary general of Hezbollah Sayyid Abbas al-Musawi.

Al-Lakkis was gunned down on December 4, 2013, outside his home south of the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

Israel assassinated Hezbollah’s previous secretary general Sayyid Abbas al-Musawi along with his wife, five-year-old son, and four others, in February 1992.

On the other hand, Iranian Defense Minister rejected remarks about US military might, saying Washington cannot destroy Iran’s defensive power.

“The sacred establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran dispelled the myth of the grandeur of domineering powers. If domineering powers do not initiate an action [against Iran] it is not out of mercy it is because they are incapable of doing [anything],” he said in the gathering.

The Iranian defense minister added that Iran has no need for nuclear weapons, and is currently at its strongest in defensive hardware and systems.

Dehqan said Iran has reached the position that domineering Western powers have to sit with the Islamic Republic at the negotiating table.

“In negotiating [with the West] there will be no retreating and making concessions, and the recognition of our nuclear rights within the framework of world nuclear rights is undisputable,” he pointed out.


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