Saudi, Israeli military officials meet in al-Quds

Saudi, Israeli military officials meet in al-Quds
Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:26:29

A senior Saudi military delegation has secretly visited Israel and discussed issues related to Iran's nuclear program, Israeli sources have revealed.

According to Israeli radio, Deputy Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia Amir Salman bin-Sultan and two other officers secretly were in the Saudei delegation during the visit to al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The trip by Bin-Sultan, Saudi Intelligence Services Chief's brother, was reported by the al-Quds-based newspaper al-Manar on Tuesday. It reported the information as coming from "confidential sources."

"The Saudi delegation," the sources said, "met Israeli security leaders and Bin-Sultan visited one of the military Israeli bases accompanied by a senior member of the Israeli staff board."

Israeli radio did not confirm the news from other sources, but it reported that many newspapers have recently covered meetings between Saudi and Israeli military officials.

Iranian newspapers recently reported that Saudi and Israeli military officials met in a third country.

Riyadh has previously denied a report by the British Sunday Times, which referred to Saudi-Israeli cooperation in preparation for an attack on Iran's nuclear program.

Saudi Internet activist known as Mojtahid on the Twitter social networking website, who publishes behind-the-scenes developments about the Saudi Arabia’s royal cliques, has confirmed recent meetings that have taken place between the chief of Saudi Arabia’s Security and Intelligence Agency Prince Bandar bin-Sultan and some Israeli officials.


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