Syrian Army retakes al-Nabk city from militants: Video

Mon Dec 9, 2013 18:07:36

After heavy fighting with foreign-backed militants, Syrian Army has regained full control of al-Nabk city in Rif Dimashq province, Al-Alam correspondent reports.

Al-Alam correspondent who accompanied Syrian Army troops on Monday reported “Syrian soldiers launching an operation stormed al-Nabk city from three directions. Army troops surrounded the region, killing scores of militants and capturing dozens.”

Some terrorists fled to neighboring Yabrud district and nearby mountains.

“We have taken up positions on the main square of the city and all the entrances of the city are under our control. We have gunned down many militants. The army soldiers have also captured scores of militants. The rest of them fled,” an army officer told al-Alam correspondent.

Several bombs and explosive devices have successfully rendered safe by the army bomb disposal units.

“Armed terrorists have suffered heavy losses in al-Nabk city,” another officer told Al-Alam reporter.

Earlier, Syrian Army had secured an strategic highway linking capital Damascus to northern Syria paving the way for the shipment of chemical weapons for destruction abroad.


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