Hamas official blasts Fatah's lies against it

Hamas official blasts Fatah's lies against it
Sat Dec 7, 2013 22:47:26

A senior member of the Palestinian Hamas movement’s political bureau has deplored one of Fatah spokespersons for persistently lying and making fabricated statements against the Islamic Movement.

"To one of the official spokesmen of Fatah, Hamas has turned into a core enemy instead of Israel, and not one day goes by without him making up a story or hurling different accusations," said Mousa Abu Marzouk in comments posted on an Internet social networking site on Friday.

He affirmed that this Fatah spokesman sometimes claim that Hamas interferes in the Egyptian affairs and other times he portrays Hamas as being at war with Egypt or involved in the Syrian affairs.

"If some people have antagonized Hamas, it would not treat them the same way because it believes that the time and truth would address this, counting on God, the future and its indispensable depth," the Hamas official emphasized.

Abu Marzouk scoffed at the Fatah spokesman's claim that Hamas had left the resistance and focused on protecting its authority.

"This spokesman once again accused Hamas of abandoning the resistance and being keen on its authority as if we are the people who negotiate [with] the Zionists, recognize them and the lands they have seized, or coordinate with them against the resistance," he underlined.


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