Israeli politicians slam Netanyahu on differences with US

Israeli politicians slam Netanyahu on differences with US
Tue Dec 3, 2013 13:11:31

An Israeli lawmaker criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for “sparring with Washington” over Iran.

Netanyahu should remember that “the US is Israel’s most important ally, and ties with it should not be harmed,” Israel's Labor Party MK Binyamin Ben Eliezer told Israel Radio on Tuesday.

“There needs to be a change in the way in which the agreement is opposed,” the veteran Labor MK said, calling on Netanyahu aides to negotiate quietly with the White House in a bid to influence the final-status deal that is being discussed with Iran.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his predecessor Ehud Olmert battled over Israel’s Iran policy Sunday, with Olmert slamming Netanyahu for “waging war” against the US administration and Netanyahu responding that he would speak out loudly when Israel’s security is at stake.

“As opposed to others, when I see that interests vital to the security of Israel are in danger, I will not be quiet,” Netanyahu said in Rome in a clear reference to comments Olmert made earlier.

“You have to handle this decision with wisdom, quietly – without bombastic declarations – and quiet dialogue as we used to do in the past,” Olmert urged the hawkish prime minister.

Amid tensions between Tel Aviv and Washington over Iran deal, a new survey shows 49 percent of Israelis believe Israel should seek new allies and reduce its dependence on the United States in the international arena.


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